Cocaine Addicts Anonymous (CAA)

What’s Different About Cocaine Addicts Anonymous?

In many ways we are identical to the original Alcoholics Anonymous, except that we deal with cocainism, not alcoholism.

We believe that singleness of purpose (one cocaine addict helping another) is critically important. We have found that one cocaine addict can best understand and help another.

Cocaine Addicts Anonymous is for people who use cocaine in any form.  People with other addictions as well as cocainism may be members here, as long as they are also cocaine addicts.

It is vitally important in Step 1 to find out which substance or substances you are absolutely powerless over. With us, it’s cocaine.

We believe addiction to each substance has its own unique set of characteristics, and cocainism is no exception. We don’t claim to be able to help anyone other than cocaine addicts.

An integral part of our programme is that we do our best to help cocaine addicts who wish to recover. If you want to quit for good, we can help. We will be happy to take you through the 12 Steps.