Cocaine Addicts Anonymous (CAA)

A Clear Description Of The Cocaine Addict.

We believe as cocaine addicts that we suffer from a condition that affects both our minds and our bodies:

1. The Physical Craving – we have taken so much cocaine that it has poisoned our bodies to the extent that once we put cocaine in any form into our system, we could not stop taking it. As a result we did things we thought we would never do. We let our morals slip; we spent all our money; we left our kids in their beds; or we took them with us to buy cocaine; we peeked out of windows holding knives, paranoid and full of fear.

2. The Mental Obsession – the physical craving would not be a problem if we did not take the first line, pipe or injection of cocaine; therefore the real problem lies in our minds and our thinking. We crossed our hearts and swore on the lives of our children and loved ones that we would never touch cocaine again – and we meant it. If you had put us on a lie detector test we would have passed it with flying colours. But be it an hour, a day, a week, a month, we always went back to cocaine. We had no mental defence, no will power. Cocaine owned us, we were slaves to it. Cocaine dictated how we lived.

The good news is that if you really want it, there is a way out – the 12 Steps of Cocaine Addicts Anonymous. But it’s up to you. Have you had enough? If you have, get yourself a sponsor (someone who has already been through the 12 Step process) and they will guide you to a new way of life.